Armenia, 0002, Yerevan

40 Moskovyan street

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We all grow up with Toumanian. He is with us from our earliest years to old ages. And indeed, it was a vital necessity to have the Museum of the All Armenian Poet in the capital city.

Thus in 1949 the Armenian government headed by the first secretary of the Central Committee Grigor Harutunov  decided to build a museum in Yerevan in connection with  the 80th anniversary of the poet's birth to commemorate his memory and preserve his literary and material heritage.

Starting from April 1953 at Yerevan 40 Moskovyan street a great thinker, a humanist, a writer, a fairy tale writer H. Toumanian's museum was opened according to  the architect Grigor Aghababyan's project where more than 18000 exhibits are kept with great care.

In six rooms of the museum's second floor H. Toumanian’s last apartment in Tiflis is reproduced in details. On the same floor, a separate hall presents one of the greatest values of the museum H.  Toumanian's exclusive and diverse library with about 8,000 books.

Materials  related to the writer's public life and activities / photographs, letters, documents, manuscripts, illustrations based on fairy tales and short stories / are chronologically displayed on the first floor, where the visitors’ contact with the museum begins.  The replica of "Vernatoun" i.e. "the garret" in Tiflis creates a mysterious impression.

It seems that here now, our great intellectuals of the late 19th and early 20th centuries Aghayan, L. Shant, D. Demirchyan, Komitas, Bashinjaghyan, Isahakyan will appear here  and will start a hot and wise conversations. The museum is also rich in masterpieces of the fine arts that decorate H. Toumanian’s flat during his lifetime; Bashinjaghyan, Terlemezyan and also new works that were created under the influence of the life and works of an intellectual; M. Saryan, G. Khanjyan, Al. Grigoryan and others.

One of the remarkable corners of the museum is the panoramic view of the "Lori Gorge", the view of which is accompanied by the sounds of "Anush" opera, transporting the visitor to one of the most beautiful corners of Armenia.

There is a spacious, bright hall on the second floor intended for exhibitions, events, presentations. The Winter Garden of the Museum is a unique exhibition of sculptures on Toumanian topics.

The inner courtyard of the museum is an open one with Toumanian’s  favorite fruit trees, flowers and with a small pool. 54 steps leading to the museum is the number symbolizing the life of a great Armenian.  The museum carries out various and active enterprises remaining an attractive and pleasant place for Armenia and beyond for those who love both armenian and foreign culture.

 A visitor can enjoy unique experiments on the use of new technologies combined with classic display, watch animated 3D cartoons meet with an “unexpected” through a phone app and take a photo of it, participate in various events, educational programs exhibitions.

The museum engages in serious scientific activities by studying and publishing the archive of Tumanyan’s  family especially the archive of his children, new books on Tumanyan,  organizing conferences for kids education and  fairy tale knowledge.