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"Do not smoke and do not ask for a book," this writing is posted on the wall of the studio. A luxurious, rich, tastefully furnished room with a green painted desk and a beautiful bookcase in one of the corners. Tumanyan called it “Muromets” because he bought it for the translation of the poem “the Ilya of  Murom”. Many masterpieces were born here. This room obviously holds Tumanyan’s  aesthetic printing in it. Books, photos of relatives, photographs, statuettes, canvas, beautiful stuff ... / Tumanyan was the constant visitor and buyer of the bazaar and commission shops /.

During the  last period of his life , he was rarely sitting on rocking chair at the desk due to his health deterioration, mostly he laid down on the couch under the wall and wrote powerful quatrains on small pieces of paper and put them in  special box for quatrains.The big picture of his son Artavazd is hanging on the wall of his studio who was killed in Van in 1918. The death of Artavazd was Tumanyan's greatest personal tragedy, which he could never get over. 

Living room

The living room is comfortable and elegant. Toumanian's friends, relatives, great people of that time, gathered here and held  beautiful gatherings  and literary  readings. It was desirable place for everyone to be here. not only hospitable and welcoming hosts, but also the furnishings, the presence of music, the works of art, and the abundance of books played part in that. All this created a pleasant environment. Armenian prominant  composers Armen Tigranyan, Alexander Spendiaryan, Romanos Melikyan, Mushegh Aghayan, Anushavan Ter-Ghevondyan, Anton Mayilyan, Sergei Barkhudaryan played on  the piano, that he bought  for his daughter Anush.

Two  paintings  of Gevorg Bashinjaghyan's  "Rainy Day," "The Winter Evening  in Manglis" are on the walls.  The bust of Shota Rustaveli was given to Tumanyan by its author  Yakov Nikoladze.

Dining room

Toumanian was a feast lover. He was an amazing combination of cheer and genius, they said.

“Feast for him was a work” recollects his daughter. The luxurious and tastefully laid huge table in dining room with its china tableware is arranged for 12 members of the family i.e. 10 children and Mr. Mrs. Toumanian tells much about the Tumanyans. The chairs around the table are identical except for one. It was the landlord's chair at the top of the table.  He let only his best friend Gh. aghayan sit on that chair. Tumanyan's  house was always full of guests and feasts here were incessant. His toasts stayed in memories of contemporaries and also his singing. The title "The All Armenian Toastmaster" was added  to the titles "The All Armenian Poet" "The All Armenian Orphans Father" 

Olga Toumanian’s room

H. Toumanian’s spouse Olga’s room is though not rich in furnishing but it’s very cute and tasteful. The most remarkable is “Zinger” sewing machine which Olga Machkalian received from her mother. Mrs. Olga had great ability of sewing and knitting and dressed her 10 children with beautiful taste.

Children’s room

The items in children’s room haven’t been preserved. Their personal belongings and documents are arranged in tables. Certain tables are allocated to Nvard and Ashkhen Toumanian. Portraits of Hovhannes, Olga, Nvard,  Arpenik, Ashkhen Toumanian are hanging on the wall.

Nvard Toumanian’s room

Nvard was very close to her father accompanied him  almost all his travelings. She was a literary critic, author of "Memories and Talks" " Toumanian's childhood and Adolescence" "Toumanian Critic" and other books. The poet loved to lie down on a velvet sofa in front of the fireplace and talk to his daughter. High mirror jewellery box is placed in the little lobby. the poet's wide brim hat, two of  boys' hats and other household items are displayed in tables.


The apartment in Tiflis had a large open balcony. Toumanian liked to sit here on rocking chair breathe the air and admire the view from the balcony and to work. Here is Mrs. Olga’s household kitchen utensils carpets and more. Toumanians favorite jojoba nuts are still placed on the table in the balcony.